Sustainable Development

At Hotel 121 Paris we are aware that we must minimize our impact on the environment. we call MR REVOL Company director HTC (Hospitality Tourism Advice) who made us aware of sustainable development and showed us the ecogestos to adopt to preserve our environment. We learned from him the following recommendations:


Print a minimum of documents and promote electronic communication with suppliers. Favor suppliers who withdraw certain containers. Collapsible boxes to reduce the volume and volume of waste. Reuse some containers for internal needs. Reduce the use of individually packaged products to produce less packaging waste. Promote the purchase of products in bulk packaging. Prefer reusable products over disposable ones.
Turn off lights when leaving restrooms, common areas, the commissary, and storage rooms. Schedule defrosting of refrigerators and freezers. Consolidate deliveries to limit the opening of cold rooms. Descale washing machines frequently. Adjust the temperature of the wash water as necessary.
Water :
Respect the dosages of the product. Start the machines only when they are full

Catering in the breakfast room

Turn off lighting fixtures that do not provide additional natural light. Turn off the light at the end of the service. Install energy-saving light bulbs as you go Regularly dust refrigerator shelves and other refrigeration equipment.
Water :
Use the appropriate dose of cleaning and washing product (excess generates contamination) Outside, it cleans without chemicals, the water ends up in nature. Check the equipment for leaks every week. Start the dishwasher when the baskets are full. Avoid letting the faucets run. Accommodation/Reception

In collaboration with the housekeepers, implement the systematic recovery of hangers so that they are reused and not thrown away. In collaboration with the maids, recover the containers of cleaning products Collect the newspapers made available to customers and direct them to the recycling system Collect obsolete tourist and commercial brochures and take them to the recycling system.
Disable TV standby modes If there are not too many bad smells, 5 to 10 minutes are enough to renew the air in a room. Close the curtains to prevent the rooms from overheating. configure computer power saving devices Turn off signs and floodlights as soon as there is enough light.
Water :
Train maids on the procedure for maintenance or changing towels. train domestic workers to detect and report leaks